Why our product is unique

Wood has a feeling of life, it came from something living. Wood seems to have a story to tell. The grain indicates the years of its life and the character of the grain can show a bit about the conditions it was grown under. Wood grain has a “visual texture” to it that draws us to it.

Wood Furniture

Because wood varies so much, no two pieces of furniture are identical even when made from the same wood species. So much of what we build from wood can last lifetimes.


Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.
- John Ruskin


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About Us

Ougat Meubels is a family owned business , established in 1998 in Mosselbay, Western Cape. Ougat Meubels specialize in Solid wood furniture from blackwood, oak, pine and other types of wood. We also customize furniture upon request. We support other local businesses in South Africa, such as, Fechters which are situated in Knysna. Ougat Meubels also stocks Rest Assured and Cloud 9 Beds.
Cornel Schoeman

Cornel Schoeman

Business Owner

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